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Shelve His Teddy Bear. And just as fascinating is the fact that he eventually started overcoming his communication difficulties just to talk about them. At a family camp, Miguel and his mom participated in a trail ride together. She was so proud of the huge strides he made as he would point out to her the horse blowing air from his nose or licking his lips.

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Everyone who interacted with this little guy came and left with nothing but smiles and more than a few happy tears, after seeing how proud and confident he had become. During his short time at the center, he felt what it meant to be accepted unconditionally, even if he was not the most effective communicator at first.

Thanks to the dedication of his engaged and supportive family, who traveled a great distance to make sure he could attend his lessons, he learned how to communicate with family, strangers and newly acquired friends with two legs and with four. He was helping us. His passing makes us now know we were graced by an angel in our arena. Miguel exemplified the spirit of therapeutic horsemanship and it is in memory that we honor Miguel with the much-deserved PATH Intl. Carlene Taylor is dedicated to bringing those fields more into the mainstream.

Through her leadership, passion, community outreach and advocacy efforts, LightHorse Healthcare in St. Through this effort, Carlene has introduced the local police, education department, social services and the regional hospital, as well as countless individuals, to the concept that horses can be healing for the body, mind and spirit. Her efforts have fundamentally placed the human-equine bond at the forefront of behavioral healthcare.

My family does not know what we would have done without her as our therapist and without her introducing us to equine-assisted therapy. God had placed her in our path, and what a wonderful path we have been on ever since. She is dedicated to her clients, their families and the animals in her care. She was helpful to my dad and me, and strengthened our relationship. I would not be the same without her. Whether she is leading in the community or at the center, Carlene leads by example and gives everything to make her center the best it can be.

She is exceptional and has changed countless lives, including my own. We are proud to name Dr. Lauren is so focused on her horse that she thanked him first upon winning her award. During her lessons when such achievements are made, she smiles proudly and will first thank her horse, then look at her volunteer and say thank you for helping me do that, then immediately encourage and praise other riders for their accomplishments.

She said that one of her wishes of being able to walk is so she can be a sidewalker to help the other participants.

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She wants everyone to feel the freedom she feels when on a horse. After the dinner, one of the attendees approached Susie with tears running down his face.

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He pulled out a scholarship thank you letter Lauren had written him many months prior. I will keep her letter forever. She inspires me. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude that is contagious. She is a shining example to all of the power of perseverance, dedication and hard work.

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During a recent lesson, Lauren accomplished the goal of trotting without holding on. She is now volunteering at Freedom Farm and is writing a book about therapeutic riding and how it helps her. Youth Equestrian of the Year. At first glance, one would only remember Mr. Wise Guy overcame an early training injury that left him partially paralyzed in the jaw and still he went on to become an English Pleasure national champion. The participants at Wings and Hooves Therapeutic Riding in East Kingston, New Hampshire, are inspired by that as they work to overcome their own challenges.

Participants come in frustrated or upset, and WG will meet them at the crossties, tongue out and all, and the children become someone else. With the little ones, it is almost like he walks on tiptoes to not throw them off balance. He even nudges people to make them laugh, as if he knows they are sad.

After being a show horse, WG knows how to take care of people in the ring. One example is Trevor, a participant who because of a rare chromosomal deletion has irregular muscle tone. Trevor has blossomed under the care of this truly amazing horse. I cannot put into words how much this horse means to our family and how much this horse has helped Trevor.

Thank you WG! Equine of the year! Sis Gould Driving Recognition Award. Fifteen years ago Orphy began instructing therapeutic driving after retiring from her full-time nursing career, and she retired from River Valley Riders in Bayport, Minnesota, on October 4. Over the years her students have experienced her loving nature and learned from her expertise of horses and driving.

As a mentor in driving, Orphy displays patience and support. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shares freely, offering praise generously and correcting mistakes kindly. Olaf would always be well groomed and conditioned for lessons as well as the harness and carriage flawlessly maintained and spotlessly cleaned.

Her attention to detail produced a spotless safety record as well. Orphy has promoted therapeutic driving in many ways including speaking at meetings of carriage driving organizations, assisting in the creation of the PATH Intl. Orphy is a blessing to those who are privileged to know and love her and who were privileged to work with her. When the certified professionals are nominated, the judges usually read letters of recommendation from those who work with the instructor or equine specialist. Sometimes a recommendation will come from a volunteer or possibly a parent of a participant.

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She reminds me every class to keep my heels down and my toes up. Sometimes horseback riding is challenging but Miss Carrie always helps so much. For a little while, I was scared of trotting but Miss Carrie helped me to overcome that fear. She said that the best way to not be scared would be to keep my heels down and keep on trotting. And I did! Miss Carrie is always there waiting for me with a smile. We sometimes work on hard skills but I always feel a sense of accomplishment riding with Miss Carrie. Every day after class I smile about what a great ride I had, all because of the best riding teacher I will ever have!

Congratulations, Carrie, on being what this little girl has known all along: the certified professional of the year. Fifteen years ago, Therapeutic Horsemanship of Wentzville, Missouri, was performing a demonstration at the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show. Following the demonstration, the staff was approached by the owner of a young Typically, a giant, young Oldenburg would not ever have been considered for their program, but something was different about this horse.

Champ has allowed countless riders to go from being dependent on leaders to riding independently. He has performed in demonstrations, polo matches and schools. At the request of her parents, Champ even made an appearance at the funeral of Jennifer Francisco, a young volunteer who was killed suddenly in a car accident. Champ stood calmly by her graveside in the middle of a chilly December afternoon as she was laid to rest. He kindly, soulfully, watched and joined everyone as they said their final goodbyes. He has an amazing talent for lunging himself in a perfect circle even without a lunge-line.

OR for that matter, even without a lunger! We hear he is also perfectly capable of letting himself out of any and every stall, even when they are safely latched. One such boy is Vincent. Vincent and Champ work well together, and Champ was a constant in our weekly routine.

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Vincent started talking more and was learning to express his feelings. The love toward one another—boy and horse—became apparent to all around. I love you. There is something wonderful and amazing about watching a child with special needs blossom through equine-assisted activities and therapies and then go on to become a volunteer doing the same for others. Shane became a participant at Partners Therapeutic Horsemanship in Lakeside, California, and the program that once taught him is now the beneficiary of his many volunteer hours. He trained in a veterinary assistant program, which allows him to administer medications, give shots and deal with minor equestrian maladies.

Shane has learned many skills through the riding program and is an amazing example of giving back. He has learned through observation all the skills to coach and assist all types of special needs riders as a sidewalker. He is always willing to help in lessons no matter how hot, dusty or late in the day it is. Whether it is learning dressage, riding in competitions, attending college classes or working with program participants, Shane is respected and admired by everyone. Equine Services for Heroes award winner, pushes those qualities to the max. According to Kelly Rodgers, her instructor at Maryland Therapeutic Riding in Crownsville, Maryland, Cathy is a perfect example of a rider whose determination, self-discipline and sense of humor has served her well.

She has overcome a number of challenges and setbacks like the strong champion she is, with admirable endurance and will power. Her resilience after several personal injuries, and especially after experiencing a fall from a horse a year ago, is quite impressive. Despite such a frightening experience, her courage and stamina contributed to her successful comeback.

She no longer avoids speaking and enthusiastically engages in conversation with her volunteers and the staff. Her enthusiasm has grown over time as her confidence improved and she learned more riding skills. Although Cathy enjoys learning about horsemanship and working on her riding skills in the arena, she prefers her trips beyond the arena out on the trail where she enjoys talking with her volunteers and filling them in on her progress in the other activities in which she participates.

She has become so comfortable that she will even give instruction and advice to a new volunteer sidewalker! Cathy is very considerate and caring toward her mount, Flashy. So one thing led to another and I guess Robert just felt that he couldn't take the pressure that Elvis was putting on Priscilla and he basically broke it off. Who ended the relationship is up for debate, but once the two split Robert flew to New York to take his future wife back, bringing along his friend OJ Simpson. It was at those Olympics that Bruce Jenner shot to fame with his win in the decathlon.

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