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Sort order. But it is entertaining in a rather bizarre way. A man keeps waking up in a coffin at a mortuary every morning, wearing a different outfit each time.

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He can't remember much of anything, including why he's there. Nevertheless he engages in banter with the undertaker regarding the various prices for different coffins or cremation urns, while the undertaker rather abruptly insists that he get out of the coffin and leave, or h "Coffin Humor" by John Brinling is not your every day kind of humor story.

Nevertheless he engages in banter with the undertaker regarding the various prices for different coffins or cremation urns, while the undertaker rather abruptly insists that he get out of the coffin and leave, or he'd call the police. This scenario is repeated with variations until the final day, at which point the ending does about a degree twist.

This book will probably not be considered funny by every reader.


Some will likely consider it crass, uncouth, disgusting, low-brow, in poor taste, or just plain pointless. I think a good test is this: if you like the Three Stooges, you'll probably get a kick out of "Coffin Humor". Having said that, I feel compelled to add that I have always thought there was something seriously wrong with people who don't like the Three Stooges, so maybe that's not such a good test after all, but it's about the best I could think of at the moment.

Give it a quick read and see what you think. It's short enough that you won't feel like you just lost a part of your life you'll never get back, even if you think it stinks.

The Coffin Story

But I do think there will be a lot of people who do like it, so until you actually read "Coffin Humor" you won't know which group you fall into. The story opens with Noah waking up in a coffin in a funeral home. The funeral director discovers him lying there and an ongoing discussion results. This is an imaginative and interesting short story with a cool twist. He keeps the reader entertained throughout and the story interesting. The only problem I had with the story was that I thought the wrap-up was too abrupt.

It felt to me that there should be more, that the tension should build a bit higher before the reveal. I look forward to seeing more from John. Nearly 4 stars. And, honestly, had I not downloaded a couple of other things at the same time viz.

This, on the other hand, is barely coherent. My rating comes from looking at what could have been instead of what is. How would you like to wake up in a casket, sitting in a funeral parlor, day after day? That's what's happening to Noah. He doesn't have complete memories a dead wife and the man she was going to testify against. What is really going on? You'll have to read this ebook to find out. I'm not telling.

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Meh, for a free Kindle short it wasn't bad, but it was very confusing, with all of the action happening too quickly at the end. It wasn't overly coherent, due to the main character not being coherent himself. I personally don't like to read from the point of view of a crazy person, so this didn't really appeal to me. I read this book to my husband one evening and we both laughed out loud a lot. It has some bad language in it, which we could have done without, but the story was still good despite this.

We haven't felt that other stories we've read by this author have been as good.

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Story from Spirit. Sophie Kreitzberg. But, sometimes, between the crying and the condolences, there are moments that remind us that funerals can have a lighter side, too. We may not admit it at the time, but they can be seriously, darkly humorous — are we alone in having masked laughter as tears?

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It might be an awkward mishap or some straight-up ridiculousness that makes you want to crack up in the middle of the service, but the fact that you know you shouldn't be laughing only makes it funnier. Then, of course, there are the funerals that are intentionally funny — which, amid all the pomp and circumstance, can be a major relief. Ahead, 30 people share their funniest funeral stories — and remind us that a little dark humor can be the best way to mourn.

Welcome to Death Week. This week, we'll attempt to unpack our feelings, fears, and hang-ups about death, dying, and mourning. In his world, a thermostat can be sexy — though not sexy enough for the story to get accepted by the online journal that solicited it.

Review: COFFIN BOUND #2 Finds Humour In The Darkest Of Places

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