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Experts believe they have found the lost Roman city of Julias, formerly the village of Bethsaida, which was the home of Jesus' apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip. Last month, archaeologists from the Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archaeology at Kinneret College, Israel and Nyack.

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Scientists still know frighteningly little about the emotions of ghosts. The challenges of studying ghost emotions are well-known. First, despite the fact that more humans have died than walk the earth today, ghosts are incredibly difficult to find and recruit as subjects.

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Even when scientists recruit heavily in ghost-friendly areas e. Those ghosts who are genuinely interested in volunteering quickly become frustrated by the advertising flyers that university researchers post on campus bulletin boards because their ghostly fingers pass through the little tear-off tabs at the bottom of the sheet. The few spirits 8. Some labs have effected workarounds for these challenges. Second, ghosts who do reach the lab have unique needs. They cannot perform experimental tasks unless all lighting is extinguished, leading to inaccurate readings, increased accidents, and higher insurance premiums.

Additionally, during trials, all lab personnel must maintain an unwavering belief in the supernatural lest their subjects vanish in the presence of unbelievers — a requirement that wreaks havoc with experimenter objectivity.

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Third, standard laboratory techniques do not work well on ghosts. Most experiments that rely on self-report will fail because the typical ghost subject, in response to any question, will recount a lengthy story about how it died. A short-lived fMRI study of headless horsemen is among the most infamous examples.

Nevertheless, some experimental paradigms have shown promise. In a typical experiment, a ghost subject is presented with various evocative stimuli e. Studies show that the ghost has a fast, instinctive urge to scare, followed about ms later by a more deliberate action such as moaning loudly or fluttering the curtains. Perhaps the most famous experiment investigated whether ghosts can experience fear. Researchers recruited 28 ghost subjects born between B. Five ghosts were headless; six, skeletal; nine, completely formless; two, on horseback; and one, a poltergeist. Each subject was placed into a cage, where it received electric shocks while being shown a still photo from Ghostbusters ; later, the ghosts were shown the photo without the shocks.

In all cases, conductance remained steady at zero, with or without the shock. This suggested not only that ghosts cannot experience or learn fear, but also that they are, in fact, dead. Other studies have focused on whether ghosts can perceive fear in humans. In one study, 16 corporeal ghosts five male; seven female; four indeterminate were given photographs of stereotypical human facial poses and asked to sort them by category. The results were remarkably consistent across all subjects. For fear-related poses, the subject laid out each photo separately, creating a distinct category for that individual pose.

All remaining photos e. The results suggest that ghosts exhibit unprecedentedly high emotional granularity regarding poses of fear and extremely low granularity for all other poses. The field of psychology is fortunate to have brave scientists who engage in this otherworldly experimentation, because this work is not without risk. In alone, four prominent labs suffered tragic accidents or other unexplained phenomena in pursuit of shadowy truths. We expect the rate of such incidents to decline as principal investigators become accustomed to allocating grant money for garlic and emergency lighting.

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There still are many mysteries remaining in ghost-emotionality research. Do apparitions all over the world experience the same emotions, or is there multicultural diversity? How can we best perform facial action coding on faceless shades? Do dismembered ghosts suffer from phantom body syndrome?

These and other critical questions urgently need thorough investigation as well as funding. Some critics insist that ghosts are too challenging to work with and argue that as a field we should study vampires instead. Nevertheless, more is learned about ghost emotions every year. Longitudinal studies in particular are seeing success, since any single ghost subject remains available for all eternity.

I used to be a nurse in a hospital and I have few encounters as well. Mostly of a black shadow especially when someone is about to die. But my story This story happened when I was Grade 6 my age at that time is 12 in the province of Misamis Occidental, Philippines.

I was on vacation that time when I got a call from my cousin that my grandma my mother's mom just passed away. I grew up with my grandma and this really saddened me. There are a lot of horror stories about Baguio. It is not new to us about the creepy and eerie experienced felt by some people who went to Baguio for vacation. The place is old and historical as well. The city of Baguio is located in the mountain, northern part of the Philippines, which is why it is This is my personal experience 5 years ago at our ancestral house in Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

It's been 2 years since my parents came to Ilocos Sur to attend the wake of Lola. This story is not long but rather a short story which was a true personal experience. I do not know how to explain what h Is Grandma Saying Goodbye? My story happened when I was 18 years old I was raised by my grandmother, and among other cousins, I was her favorite grandchild. We were so close because my parents were busy working so she literally raised me up. One night, around 10p. Thank you YGS for allowing me to share my story here.

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Now, I was 11 years old when this encounter happened. Before my grandmother passed away, we had this tradition that every vacation, we'll spend it with my grandmother in Batangas, Philippines. All the family member will ga I'm a newbie in this page and I really wanted to share my stories about my experiences with the paranormal. I have been seeing unknown entities most likely spirits or elementals since I was young. As I grew older, it has become so clear that I can see glimpses of the past especially if I visit place The story that I am about to share happened not too long ago.

It took place at my parent's house in the province and was retold to me when I was talking to them in the phone. So my uncle from Saudi Arabia tried calling their house at the time that is convenient for him I think it was pm there This will be my first time sharing my experience about ghosts sorry for my not so good English. While enjoying reading the your stories here YGS I was encouraged to post mine as well. Since then I haven It was Saturday morning around 2am when I and a girl friend of mine decided to go to s I'm a big fan of YourGhostStories site, I've been reading stories her for three years and this is my first time sharing my own story.

Hope you enjoy! One night after dinner 7PM , I got bored from scrolling through my social media feeds so I decided to turn on the TV while my Dad was also At The Kids' Camp by majarlika This story happened last Friday May 31, to my mother and sister. There was a Kids' Summer Camp in our church last May Participants are from Middler class to Early Teens class ages 9 to 13 years old. Mama's experience: She was washing the fish and pork at the small kitchen sin It happened just last week when my family and I went to my husband's house for a vacation.

I have never met my father-in-law as he already died a few years before I met my husband. In my in-law's house, we normally stay in my mom-in-law's room whenever we visit them. There is a small picture of These stories happened way back between the years of - when we are still residing in our old house in Manila. Our house use Greetings YGS members. I have been reading a lot of stories on this site and inspired me to share my own experiences. But first, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 29 year old Filipino American working in a publishing company here in the Philippines.

The story that I am about to share isn This story I'm going to tell happened December I am an intern at one of the hotel in Makati I'm not going to tell what hotel but I'm going to tell the location for you to guess This is located at Chino Roces Ave. Makati, near the Walter Mart and a school. I don't know if the hotel is newly This story of mine happened in Batangas, Philippines just this year February 17, Have you ever asked yourself are they really true? How stuff in your kitchen will strangely move on it's own?

Or strange footsteps or strange sounds you hear during the evening? Perhaps, like in the Harry Potter Last year in the summertime is when this unexplained event happened. It was holy week that time, year I and my closest friend decided to go in Baguio City, Philippines instead on going to the beach. To begin with my story, I am a banker somewhere in Taguig Mckinley Hills.

I live in Makati, taking my motorcycle everyday to work. That day, everything was just normal. This story is about my grandmother.

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This happened several years before I was born. I heard about this story while my mom and her sisters were bonding together reminiscing about their childhood particularly about my grandma. She is the same grandma in my previous story "Displaced Entities. Hey, it's me again. I have another story to share, though some of you may find it quite impossible, but it's true.

It wasn't just me who witnessed it. Almost all my family saw it.

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Also, this is quite a long read so please bear with me. Here in the Philippines, we have these creatures known as "as Ever since I was young, I was always told stories of the "Santelmo" or St. Elmo's fire. Often described as a ball of bluish or white flame, curiously, it is not hot in anyway. Some say it is the spirits of men who have died near a body of water or during heavy rains, others say it's the souls of chi I've always believed in the paranormal.

My mother on the other hand, would never believe me when I would tell her things like "there's a woman who would always appear at the end of my bed" or "I could always hear someone laughing whenever I shower". She would always, always dismissed all these thing This story is in line with the things I experienced being an Altar Server. This happened last September Me and my other Altar Server friends were hanging out in our local parish convent when our parish priest called us from the upstairs porch. He said he wanted us to go with him to Carmen the This happened to me and my best friend, when we were both newly installed Altar Servers.

It was Christmas Eve, December 24, We were both appointed to keep the charcoals burning to be used to burn incense. The charcoal holder was located at the back of the sacristy, the place where things used I'm an avid reader and this will be the first out of many stories I plan on sharing with you guys. I come from Mindanao, the second biggest island in the Philippines. Growing up in a rural area, stories like mine is not uncommon. This particular story happened to me last January this year. My gre This terrifying experience happened way back I was 7 at that time but I have clear memories and I asked the grown ups about what really happened.

I have a younger brother who was 2 at that time, let's name him Ken. We had just recently moved to a house because it is a superstition that when a I am a member of this site since and have published a few of my experiences. I went by the name Marine. Over the years, my job took a big chunk of my time and although I love this site, this was relegated to the sideline.

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I have completely forgotten my credentials so I created a new one. It's me YGS family. I'm back. Well, I won't waste time just typing an unreal story. I mean, this is real and just happened last night. Here in the Philippines, we usually rent rooms or house if we don't own one yet. Based on my previous story, I was renting a room and now, I am renting a whole gat After reading quite a few stories here, I think I am lucky to have not encountered the real hair raising encounters by fellow posters here.

I have always been curious about scary stuff since I was young but actually I am a scaredy-cat inside. My story may pale on the scary meter compared to the expe For a little insight, I can say I've handled lucid dreaming well. It's natural to me to realize I'm dreaming instantly and can manipulate things within my dream. But when it turns to nightmares, it gets bad. I was just lying down and watching YouTube on my phone, waiting for sleepiness to kick i I Heard It Too!

This story is not really a terrifying one. It was one of those experiences I normally just shrug off. But I decided to share it here anyway. It happened for almost every other week for the last, maybe six months. The first time it happened, I just got home from the office and I saw my sister cryi The Little School Boy by Toyatoyang. I used to live in Bulacan. Majority of the area has been populated by different subdivisions. There was this time when I came home from school and went straight to a friend who lives near our place. It was past 11pm when I decided to go home since we still have classes the next day.

My friend ac There are plenty of school horror stories and few of which are my experiences way back in My school was located at Quezon City and we take our lab class in our College of Arts and Science building, 7th floor. We lodge there for 3 hours for lab alone and another 2 for lectures. During our l I am now living in Canada but my paranormal experiences were from Marikina, Philippines. I lived alone in a duplex bungalow house after my father died in My uncle used to reside in the other house but moved out in The paranormal events occurred around or before I migrated to This story is an experience I had when I was in my 1st year of high school.

The school I attended to is one of the oldest running schools in our country and is already well-known in the field of ghost haunting and the paranormal. We were having our P. Exam at the school's covered court around I've been a lurker YGS for years already.

Ghost stories gives me too much ecstasy but ironically, I am phasmophobic. I get to see several entities, I never really knew if was part of my playful imagination or genuinely real. For her, I think, it represented a final goodbye from her father-and therefore a form of closure-and provided a welcome reassurance during a period of difficulty. Suddenly she felt a presence in the room and knew it was Mother. She felt her standing at the foot of the bed. By their nature, waking dreams seem so real that the experiencer will typically insist that he or she was not dreaming.

However, my own investigatory experience as well as research data demonstrates that apparitions are most apt to be perceived during daydreams or other altered states of consciousness. Many occur, for example, while the percipient is in a relaxed state or concentrating on some activity like reading, or is performing routine work. Also, as indicated earlier, faulty recall, bias, and other factors can betray even the most credible and sincere witness.

Consider, for instance, an anecdotal case provided by Sir Edmund Hornby, a Shanghai jurist. Eventually Judge Hornby provided a verbal summary, which the man took down in his pocket notebook. After he left, the judge related the incident to Lady Hornby. This apparent proof of a visitation was reported by psychical researchers. However, the tale soon succumbed to investigation. As it was discovered, the reporter did not die at the time reported about a.

Furthermore, the judge could not have told his wife about the events at the time since he was then between marriages. And, finally, although the story depends on a certain judgment that was to be delivered the following day, no such judgment was recorded Hansel This case should serve as a cautionary example to other such accounts, which are obviously intended to validate superstitious beliefs.

Another type of alleged visitation comes in the form of deathbed visions. According to Brad Steiger real name Eugene E. Like others before her e. She cites an old case involving a Frenchman who died in Venezuela in His nephew-who had not been present-reported:. Just before his death, and while surrounded by all of his family, he had a prolonged delirium, during which he called out the names of certain friends left in France.

Although struck by this incident, nobody attached any extraordinary importance to these words at the time they were uttered, but they acquired later an exceptional importance when the family found, on their return to Paris, the funeral invitation cards of the persons named by my uncle before his death, and who had died before him.

Unfortunately, when we hear two other accounts of the reported events, we find there is less to this story than meets the ear.

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His account-the most trustworthy of the three, since it is a firsthand narrative by a mature informant-lacks the multiple names, and the corresponding funeral cards, as well as other elements, indicating that the story has been much improved in the retellings. The son wrote:. Concerning what you ask me with regard to the death of my father, which occurred a good many years ago, I recall that a few moments before his death my father called the name of one of his old companions-M.