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Experts believe they have found the lost Roman city of Julias, formerly the village of Bethsaida, which was the home of Jesus' apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip. Last month, archaeologists from the Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archaeology at Kinneret College, Israel and Nyack.

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Padre Pio received this extraordinary grace on August 5 th of In his hand he carried something like an iron lance with a very sharp tip. It seemed as if fire was coming out of the tip. I saw the person thrust the lance violently in my soul. I could barely complain when I felt I was dying. I told the young man to leave the confessional because I felt very sick and did not have the strength to continue. This martyrdom lasted without any interruptions until the morning of the 7 th of August.

From that day I felt a great affliction and a wound in my soul that is always open and causes me agony. The Stigmatas of Christ. What undoubtedly has made Padre Pio famous is the phenomenon of the stigmatas: the five wounds of Christ Crucified he visibly carried on his body for 50 years. A little over a month after receiving the piercing of the heart, Padre Pio received the now visible signs of the Passion of Christ. I was in the chapel praying the prayer of thanksgiving for the Mass and I felt little by little that I was elevated to a softer prayer.

Suddenly, a great light blinded me and Christ who was bleeding in all parts appeared to me. From his wounded Body came out rays of light that looked like arrows that hurt my feet, hands, and side. When I returned to myself, I found myself on the floor and full of wounds. My hands, feet, and side bled and they hurt even enough to make me lose all my strength to stand up.

I felt as if I was dying, and I would have died if the Lord would not have come to support my heart that I felt palpitating strongly in my chest. I crawled on the floor until I arrived at my cell. I laid down and I prayed, I saw once again my wounds and I cried, elevating hymns of gratitude to God.

The stigmatas of Padre Pio were deep wounds in the center of his hands, feet, and left side. He had hands and feet which were literally pierced and living blood came out from both sides, making Padre Pio the first priest with stigmatas in the history of the Church Saint Francis of Assisi was not a priest. The provincial of the Capuchins of Foggia invited Professor Romanelli, a physician and director of a prestigious hospital so that he could study the case and give his opinion. Doctor Romanelli did not have the slightest doubt of the supernatural character of the phenomenon.

The reason for their existence goes beyond human science. Soon afterwards, thousands of people went to Saint Giovanni Rotondo to see him, kiss his hands, confess with him, and attend his Masses. In a medical sense, stigmata means a reddish stain over the skin that is caused because blood exists the vessels by a strong nervous influence, but never to the point of perforation. The stigmatas the mystics have had are real lesions of the skin and tissues, true wounds that, like in this case, have been described by Doctors Romanelli and Festa.

The Holy See Intervenes in the Investigations. After minute investigations, the Holy See wanted to intervene directly. Father Gimelli went to visit Padre Pio, but since he did not have written permission to examine his wounds, he refused to show them to him. Father Gimelli left Saint Giovanni with the idea that the stigmatas were false, of neurotic nature, and he published his idea in an article in a very popular magazine. The Holy Office made use of the opinion of this great psychologist and made public a decree which declared the little proof of the supernatural nature of the facts.

During the following years, there were three other decrees and the last one was condemning, prohibiting visits to Padre Pio or maintaining any relationship with him, even in letters. Consequently, Padre Pio spent ten years, from to , completely isolated from the exterior world within the walls of his cell. During these years, he not only suffered the pains of the Passion of the Lord in his body, but he also felt in his soul the pain of isolation and the weight of suspition.

His humility, obedience, and charity never denied the accusations. The Sacrifice of the Mass. Padre Pio awoke every morning at am and he prayed the Divine Office for the readings. He was a prayerful priest and lover of prayer. I do not want to be anything more than this, a friar who loves. Everyone wanted to see him and touch him, but his presence inspired so much respect that no one dared to move in the slightest.

Mass lasted almost two hours and all of those present would submerge in a particular way into the mystery of the sacrifice of Christ, multitudes would gather tightly around the altar holding their breath. Even though no essential difference exists in the celebration of the Holy Mass from any other priest because the priest and the victim is always Christ, with Padre Pio the image of the Savior, pierced in his hands, feet, and side, was more transparent. Padre Pio lived the Holy Mass, suffering the pains of the Crucified and giving a profound sense to the liturgical prayers of the Church.

In the annals of the Church, Padre Pio is the first priest with stigmatas; he was in essence a priest, and his holiness was essentially priestly.

All of his life revolved around this reality in which he offered his mouth, his hands, and his eyes to Christ. Waves of emotions would toss him, all of his body would project itself in a mute imploration. Let us cry of love and adoration in this contemplation. One time Padre Pio was asked how he could spend so much time standing on his wounds during the entire Holy Mass. Padre Pio loved Jesus with so much strength that he experienced in his own body a true hunger and thirst for Him. And precisely because I could not be without uniting myself to Jesus, I often, even with fevers, see myself obliged to go and nourish myself with his body.

She is always present. How can it be that the Mother of Jesus, present in Calvary at the foot of the Cross, who offered her Son as a victim for the salvation of our souls, not be present in the mystical calvary of the altar? Martyr of the Sacrament of Mercy. Whoever participated in the celebration of the Eucharist with Padre Pio could not remain at ease in his or her sin.

After the Holy Mass, Padre Pio sat down in the confessional for long hours, giving preference to men whom he said were in most need of confession. Being so many who went to confession it was necessary to establish order and confessing with Padre Pio easily took three or four hours of waiting. There are many impressive testimonies and moving conversations generated through confessions with Padre Pio. He was severe with the curious, the hypcrites, and the liars, and loving and compassionate with those who truly repented.

The interior has not moved at all. If I do not do it this way, they do not convert to God. It is better to be reproached by a man in this world, than to be reproached by God in the other one. Padre Pio approached him and asked him why he was crying. The Apostolate of Happiness. Padre Pio was a man very harsh against all type of sin, but at the same time tender, jovial, and a lover of life. He was a brilliant conversationalist, with the astuteness of maintaining his listeners in suspense.

He enjoyed jokes very much, and in his repertoire, there were always some that referred to soldiers, politicians, and religious. From the mouth of Padre Pio, jokes and anecdotes were not only clean humor and simple distraction, but also a type of apostolate: the apostolate of happiness and of good humor.

As soon as the chapel was left empty, he would approach the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and he would do pirouettes to ingratiate himself with her and the Child Jesus. One time the sacristan friar saw him and he advised the Abbot. After having observed him for a while, he was marvelled upon seeing that the statue of the Virgin Mary took life. The Virgin Mary would smile and the Child Jesus would clap his little hands.

Each one of us, Padre Pio would say, makes a clown of himself in the job that God has assigned us. The most ignorant friar would offer the Queen of Heaven the only thing he knew how to do, and She gladly accepted it. Sure Help. To the many who would have recourse to him to ask for his intercession in moments of need, Padre Pio would always give a helping hand through prayer.

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One time a monsenior recounted that a farmer he knew had a very strong and sudden molar pain one evening. In his desperation in feeling that Padre Pio had not listened to his plee of intercession, he took a shoe and threw it against the framed photograph of Padre Pio. Miraculous Healing.

One of the most famous healings of Padre Pio was that of a little girl named Gema who had been born with no pupils in her eyes. Her grandmother took her to Saint Giovanni Rotondo with the hope that the Lord would do a miracle through the intercession of Padre Pio. He blessed her and made the sign of the cross over her eyes. The girl recuperated her vision, although the miracle did not end there. As an adult, Gema entered religious life. Padre Pio and the Children. Padre Pio also had a great love for children. When he was asked for the intercession of a baby who came with complications, or for any child who was sick, he would intercede until he obtained the grace.

The chancellor desperately went to the room next door where there was a photograph of Padre Pio on the wall and in front of it he began to insult and curse him. He had not finished letting everything out when he heard the cry of a baby.


On another occasion, a boy from Saint Giovanni Rotondo who was gravely ill and who was thought he would die at any given moment, started to laugh and recovered his health almost instantaneously. Spiritual Children. Padre Pio had amongst those who solicited him a group of spiritual children whom he promised to aid with his prayers and cares in exchange for living a fervent life of prayer, virtue, and works of charity.

Amongst this group of those devoted there are countless anecdotes in which the real and opportune care of Padre Pio manifested itself in an extraordinary way.

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Amongst these anecdotes is the one of a young man whose mother would take to Padre Pio since he was a small child and one day, upon leaving the convent to take the bus back home, an automobile ran him over from behind, projecting him across the air. Meanwhile he flew over the automobile, he saw the image of the Virgin Mary of the convent upside down and realized what was happening. As soon as he was able to, he left and ran towards the monastery to thank Padre Pio who was praying in the chapel. Called to Co-redemption. The life of Padre Pio is full of extraordinary events that it is necessary to find their causes in his intimate life.

He who is called to serve in the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ has to suffer much morally and physically.

Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, 1887-1968

These sufferings purify that soul and enkindle in them each time more the love of God. I suffer when I do not suffer. The crosses are the jewels of the Spouse, and I am jealous of them. Woe to he who puts himself in between the crosses and me! His Greatest Project on Earth. The purpose of the hospital is to cure the sick person both spiritually and physically: faith and science, mysticism and medicine, all in accordance with helping the entire person: body and soul.

Prayer Groups. When Padre Pio died there were groups of 68, members, and in March of they increased to 1, groups with more than , members. I always recommend to the groups the Christian life, good Works, and especially, obedience to Holy Mother Church. Second Trial and Persecution.

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Human envy went after the work of Padre Pio. Some offices of the Roman Curia conducted investigations, they took away the administration of the House of Relief from Suffering and his prayer groups were abandoned. The faithful were advised neither to attend his Masses nor to confess with him. Padre Pio suffered much because of this last persecution that lasted until his death, but his faithfulness and intense love for Holy Mother Church was firm and constant.

Fifty Years of Pain and Blood. It was a great celebration in Saint Giovanni.

Padre Pio celebrated the Mass in his usual time. Around the altar there were 50 large flowerpots full of red roses for his 50 years of blood. In the same miraculous manner that the stigmatas had appeared in his body 50 years before, now, 50 years later and some days before his death, they disappeared without leaving any trace of five decades of pain and blood with which the Lord had confirmed his mystical and supernatural origin.

His Step into Eternal Life.

Those present stayed a long time in silence and in prayer. Then a long and unstopable cry burst out. The funeral of Padre Pio was impressive. One had to wait four days so that the multitudes of people would be able to pass by to say goodbye. It is estimated that more than thousand people participated in his burial. A Promise of Love. It is the promise that God made to this miserable person.

We call it death, but in reality it is the beginning of true life. And later, if I help you in your life here, how much more will I help you in the decisive battle. Process of the Cause of Canonization for Padre Pio. There have been many healings and conversions granted through the intercession of Padre Pio and countless miracles have been reported to the Holy See. The preliminaries of his cause began in November of This step, even if it was not as ceremonial as the beatification, is certainly the most important part of the process. Venerable Padre Pio was beatified on May 2 nd of The multitude was so large at the beatification Mass that they overfilled the Plaza of Saint Peter and all of the Avenue of Reconciliation until the Tiber River and these places were still not enough.

In addition, millions throughout the world contemplated him through television. A Great Saint for the Church Today.

Social Studies - History. History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. Padre Pio Lesson Plans. These lesson plans incorporate several areas of the curriculum. Religion , Instructional Technology. Add to cart. Wish List. Padre Pio Coloring - Catholic. A fun way to be introduced to Saints, Our Lady's that are so important and inspirational. All Rights Reserved. PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th , 6 th , Homeschool.

Activities , Printables. Padre Pio Poster - Catholic. Catholic posters are great religious education tools for classrooms. Padre Pio Saint of the Day Worksheet. This handout is great way for students to learn about the life of Saint Padre Pio. The worksheet provides a brief summary of Saint Padre Pio's life as well as a reflection question for students to answer.

The reflection entails having students to evaluate how they are living out certain virtues or p. The Padre Pio: The True Story lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. English Language Arts , Literature. Lesson Plans Bundled , Unit Plans. Saint Padre Pio Pietrelcina - September Padre Pio a revered priest and saint, blessed with the stigmata. He was declared a saint by Pope John Paul in His feast day is September Specialty , Religion , Informational Text. He also developed an international network of prayer groups for the support of the Casa and its ministry that continues to live on and grow today.

Worn out by over half a century of intense suffering and constant apostolic activity, Padre Pio was called to his heavenly reward on September 23, The relics of St. Pio available for public veneration are the following: St. Prison Ministry. Courageously Living the Gospel.

Sainthood Candidates Day of Reflection September 30, Search for: Search. I'm New Directory Contact. Address: 9th Ave.

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