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Experts believe they have found the lost Roman city of Julias, formerly the village of Bethsaida, which was the home of Jesus' apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip. Last month, archaeologists from the Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archaeology at Kinneret College, Israel and Nyack.

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Snare Drum VoicePerc. HH Close VoicePerc. Tom VoicePerc. Crash VoicePerc. Page Drum Score Drum Kit. Try and play along with these Patterns! A typical rhythm pattern in rock and pop music based on eighth notes. Page 24 Blues is a genre created by African-Americans in the U. A rhythm developed in dance music and jazz fusion, based on sixteenth notes.

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Page Crash H. Page 28 A broad music genre created and popularized in the south in the U.

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Calypso Drum Kit 13 H. Now that you have played through the scores above, continue to play and enjoy the rest of the Patterns in your favorite styles! Yamaha Corp.

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Since specifications, equipment or options may not be the same in every locale, please check with your Yamaha dealer. Page 32 Warranty service will only be provided for defective products within the Warranted Area. Contact your local authorized Yamaha dealer who will advise you of the procedures to be followed. If this is not successful, con- tact Yamaha at the address, telephone number or website shown below. Yamaha may request that you send the defective product to a local authorized Yamaha Servicer or authorize return of the defective product to Yamaha for repair. Is pine usable?

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Or should I just make table bases out of it and cut the oaks down? They are not so wide as the pines. Very good. You are certain the wood is properly seasoned after only that much time? Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. Yes I'm fairly certain. I must admit I rushed things a little. He's taught me most all I know and helped me extensively with this project as well as my marimba.

Any oval warping most likely "problem" will be minimized, first, by the nice symmetrical, even hollowing. As an added bonus, if it DOES shrink a bit, with continued drying, it'll do so quickly, with all that interior wood removed. From the look of that downed log.. Just judging by the bark condition about halfway up the fallen log.

Second, At worst, it will require a slight adjustment to the tension ropes. The head and ring don't care about round, oval, square Anyway, I guess I'm saying, Treat a drum shape like this, the same way as you would with a bowl. IF you're worried it's too green You'll know it's ready for finishing, by how the wood works.

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Green and seasoned are VERY different beasts. As a personal question Is that based on the type of wood?

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To slow the drying, and a few other magicks of wood, to reduce chances of checking. It has worked good for me so far, But I'm always willing to learn more!

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For a field trip hence kind of we went to the Chicago urban forest project. They collect any trees the park district or private owners cut down, mill it, and sell it. In doing so they save trees from a low level recycling woodchips, paper. They really know their stuff, and though i might be taking what they said out of context, they said it is better to let a log dry slower for longer to avoid cracking.

They use a kiln to dry their wood, but they mentioned someone who packs freshly downed logs in cardboard boxes filled with sawdust and leaves them in his basement to dry. Also, i'm not sure how desirable it would be for a djembe, but they also mentioned someone who lathes out bowls green, then lets them dry and warp. I think the thinness prevents cracking in that case.

Its certainly do-able, but perhaps not ideal. I removed the bark because I was impatient for a project to work on and wanted it to dry quicker. I assumed I would be able to get away with this because the tree had been down for quite some time before I got to it. Additionally it came down during a storm so you're probably right with your "dead and weathering" guess. Thanks for your comment! You've got a lot of good advice there so I'm probably do a copy and paste sometime soon.

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If you don't mind. I enjoy wood working but I'm far from professional. And oddly I consider myself to be more of a mallet percussionist marimbas, xylophones, and vibraphones rather than drummer. So this project was quite a learning experience for me. I was actually going to make some over the summer. Since bongos are smaller, you should consider making them on a lathe.

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I'm just learning lathe working but I don't think bongos would be too difficult. If you don't like the lathe idea And, as with djembe s, I presume a thinner shell will give you more volume. Finally, remember to take lots of pictures and make an instructable! Marimba's and Djembes.. Health and Safety brigade here - if you're doing this kind of fine work make sure you use a new chain and don't wear jeans - wear chainsaw safety trousers! Or alternatively don't use a chainsaw!

Working in a job where we fell a lot of trees I'd really recommend you don't unless you've got a lot of experience with one. Great ible though! I love the finished product - we've got about 2, trees coming down in feb Before the bird nesting season and I'm tempted to ask for a chunk. I can probably do this with a hand chisel though rather than a chainsaw! I love the ible! Perhaps request from the author of the website permission to repost their instructions verbatim with copyright notice, image watermarks etc. About 30 work hours including cutting down the tree. That thread, and the entire forum is gold.

I wonder if anybody has made a list of all the initial parameter values for al the pre-made voices. Just push one of 4 buttons to get the sound you want…. The problem with preset surfing is that there are just so many parameters that can be adjusted. Every preset is like a completely different instrument.

This is wonderful in a flexibility sense, but the menu diving becomes a problem the moment you want to take control of all those parameters. What I think I need to do is take the time to make 4 sounds I love from scratch in a fairly thorough way, and just stick to those. There are thankfully a lot of factory presets that get pretty close. Please download, try thoroughly, let me know what you think, report bugs, make suggestions etc. I have to really pay attention to this thread now. I sort of wrote off the new Wavedrum as a cheap knockoff of the original when it came out, but it sounds like Korg actually put a lot of cool programming tools under the hood for enterprising users, which is in fact a big improvement over the original.

Ha and ha ha, say I.